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Royal Glass

Royal Glass Graal Decanter, Case of 1

Royal Glass Graal Decanter, Case of 1

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Royal Glass Graal Decanter, Box of 1

Height 254mm | Diameter 200mm

Height 10 in | Capacity 28.5 oz

The ideal companion of harmonious tastings.

Crafted by experts in the fields of wine and acoustics, this carafe has been meticulously engineered to bring out the true flavor profile of every wine in all its complexity. 15 years of scientific research have gone into developing its innovative design, which revitalizes the wine and allows the taster to perceive every subtle expression of the fruit and terroir like no other decanter on the market. It€™s this superior level of expertise and continual refinement which have allowed us to create the wine decanter, perfect for both casual and experienced wine tasters. Treat yourself to the wine tasting experience you deserve!

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