1. Do you ship via truck?

  Yes. For larger orders that are over 200 lbs. we offer the option to ship via common carrier. At checkout, select "Best Way" as your shipping method and continue checkout as you normally would. Please note that this is not always the least expensive option. We include the residential surcharge but do not include a liftgate.  If you require a liftgate, please call customer service with a credit card to pay this additional cost. 

2. Do you have Coupons or Discounts?

  Occasionally we send out coupon codes or specials through our newsletter or our Facebook page. This is the only way to receive these. Please be sure to sign up for our mailing list and "Like" us on Facebook.  Please note that discounts do not "stack", meaning that if you are receiving a quantity discount, a discount code will not work in addition to the quantity discount.

Shipping cost is a real cost of doing business and should be calculated into your cost when comparing vendors. 
We do not mark up shipping and it is calculated based upon weight and zip code. Thus, we do not offer shipping discounts of any kind on candle making supplies.
3. Shipping Suggestions
We know shipping costs can add up. So here is a shipping suggestion for your future orders. Packages ship by the larger of dimensional weight or actual weight. This means that light "airy" glass will cost more to ship because the dimensional weight is greater than the actual weight. A way to help with this is to add some heavier items to your order. *Note that wax is not an option because wax always ships by itself.*
4. Backorders
Items that are not available at the time an order is placed will be ordered from the manufacturer and brought in on the next truck.  We are unable to offer refunds for backorders. We CAN split the shipment but this will result in additional shipping charges.
5. Free Shipping Options
We now offer free shipping to the lower 48 states.  Generally, this option should not increase the shipping time, however, the method is at our discretion.  Orders that receive Free Shipping may not be "split-shipped". 
6. Tax Exemption
We collect sales tax for orders that are shipped to Pennsylvania and Tennessee.  If you are in one of these states and have a resale certificate, please send the appropriate exemption form to accounting@eapinnovations.com and we will mark your account exempt.  Note that we cannot refund sales taxes once they have been submitted.
7. Canadian Shipments


 We welcome orders from our friends to the North!  While we are not able to provide free shipping, we have tried to put into place a reasonable way to ship pallet orders.

Our freight shipping option does include residential service but does not include a liftgate. The driver will bring the pallet to the back of the truck for you to take them off.

Note, you must have a customs broker to use this service.  Please send an email to shipping@eapinnovations.com with the name and phone number of your customs broker and include your order number (eg. EA-xxxx).

8. P.O Boxes

Please note that we do not ship to PO Boxes. Please enter a physical address for where you would like your order to be delivered.

9. Discount not working?

Our website does not allow discount "stacking". Thus, if you get a quantity discount, no other discount or coupon will work.

Another potential issue could be if you visit, put something in your cart, leave, return, change the cart, etc. This will usually break all discounts. The way to fix this is to empty your cart, clear your cache (browser specific. Google for instructions), close all of your browser windows and then reopen our website.