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EAP Innovations Quick Start Program

Our Quick Start Program is designed to get your private label candle project launched fast!

Choose from the following containers:

Libbey 478 with Flat Glass Lid

Libbey 918CD or Arc 53232

Libbey 2303 or Libbey 763

Libbey 2917 or Arc 00816

Choose from the following fragrances:


Pumpkin Pie

Red Hot Cinnamon



Apple Cinnamon

Caramel Coffee


Stress Relief

Citrus Blend

Well Being

Stress  Relief

Calm Lavender

Additional options are:

Dust Cover

Retail Carton

Side Label

The MOQ for these candles starts at 300 units per fragrance! Prices range from $5.34 to $7.67, depending on the options you choose.

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