We believe to have a great candle you need great materials. We work with a variety of product vendors to use the best materials available, especially our wax. We had a custom wax formula, our house blend, created to work great for many types of container candles, but whether you choose to use our provided materials, provide your own, or a mix of both EAP is dedicated to providing outstanding results.



Our Candles

EAP Innovations specializes in fragranced wax products including, container candles and wax melts. We can also work with you to create the best packages for your project.  



When creating a clean burning candle, the most important consideration is choosing the correct wick. At EAP, we work with all wick manufacturers, use lead free wicks, and to ensure proper wick safety and performance we conduct extensive testing.



We have strong relationships with most fragrance developers, so we can help to find the perfect scent for your project.



Wax Formulations

EAP's house blend container wax offers a great performance for container candles. It brings a soft creamy finish with a clean burn that allows you to have a higher fragrance load per candle. It also has the added benefit of being in stock and helping your project to move forward quickly. Our house blend is not your only option. We have a long history of working with soy and paraffin blend waxes to help create great burning candles.




We have strong relationships with domestic glass manufacturers. We can use our relationships to source specific containers or use your provided container. We can even work with you to develop a custom look for your project whether it be glass, tins, etc. We can fill all the following containers:

  • Tins
  • Clamshells
  • Ceramic
  • Custom Containers

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