Research & Development

At EAP Innovations we work with top notch testing labs that help to ensure the best wicks, wax, and fragrances are chosen for your project. Because we are a member of the National Candle Association, you can be assured that any project we complete will always meet industry safety standards.




We work with a variety of manufacturers to find the best wax for your project. Whether it's our custom house blend or your specific formula, we ensure the best wax will be used for your project.





We use our innovative technology to ensure your candle is finished meeting your expectations and EAP's high quality standards.



Custom Programs

EAP Innovations brings creativity, innovation, and development to every unique project. Contact us today to see if we can help to build your next project!


We ensure your candle matches the desired look by matching colors to the Pantone Matching System.


To create the best burn for your candle, we will work to ensure the best wick performance for your specific candle. We work with all wick manufacturers, use lead free wicks, and to ensure proper wick safety and performance we conduct extensive testing.


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