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JT Home Candles Covid Candle Set

JT Home Candles Covid Candle Set

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JT Home Candles Covid Candle Set

Suffering from Parosmia, the distorted sense of smell brought on from having Covid-19? Have you lost your sense of smell completely due to Covid-19? With so many people, including ourselves, suffering from loss and/or a distorted sense of smell due to covid, we wanted to create a way to hopefully wake up and enhance the smells we have lost! 
Introducing our Covid Smell Test Candles. These 100% pure essential oils were designed to retrain, enhance, & help you recognize familiar scents. Burning these candles one at a time within close proximity to you we are hoping that you begin to recognize and enjoy the aromatic fragrance of these candles that we have thoughtfully created. 
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Our only hope is for all that suffer from this distorted or lack of smell fully recover and if we have helped any along the way we will be truly humbled!

Each set contains the following:

Lemon- citrus
Invigorating, Intense lemon scent zesty and tart. 
Mint, rosemary, honey and citrus, strong full-bodied
Powdery, rich and floral, herbal woodsy 
strong mint, cool and refreshing
Clove- spicy
Intense, warm and spicy aroma
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