Candle Marketing

Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it! So, this week we are going to offer some marketing tips on how to increase sales for your candle line during the season of love. No matter the occasion, it’s important to market your candles throughout the year.

There are many different ways you can market your candles, but first you have to answer two basic questions.

  1. Who are you selling your products to?
    This can vary for everyone, maybe you are selling it directly to the customer or you’re selling to a distributor who will then sell to the customer. Once you know which group your marketing campaign will target, you need to outline a description of your audience. For instance, are you targeting women between the ages of 25-40? Maybe the focus is on newlyweds? Or are you targeting gift shops who specialize in unique or holiday themed candles? Once you’ve determined the target audience for the marketing campaign, you can begin the creative process.

  2. What is the purpose of your marketing efforts?
    Why are you creating this marketing campaign? Once you answer that question, you will need to create a goal for your marketing efforts. This will help you to maintain focus when creating marketing techniques and it will help you to gage the success of the campaign. Remember to create a goal that is specific and can easily be measured; one way is to have a goal that can be measured by numbers, whether through sales, locations, or a social media presence. For example: “This marketing campaign will increase candle sales by 5% in 30 days”, or “2019 Valentine's’ candle sales will be higher than 2018 sales by 10%”, or “Our candles will be sold in 5 more stores for the Valentine’s season”. Each of those goals can easily be measured to determine if your marketing efforts were successful. Also remember to set a deadline to help you evaluate your campaign in a certain time frame.

Once you answer those two questions, you will be able to start the creative brainstorming process. Here are some tips to remember when you are marketing your candle line.

  1. Have Fun
    Don’t forget to have some fun during the creative process. This part is meant to help your creativity flow and discuss ideas with others. You are creating easy and fun ways to encourage people to purchase your candles. It’s the season of love so embrace that with fun campaigns that can encourage consumers to purchase a fragrance that will fill their home with love. Another approach you can take is reminding women not to forget to love themselves and buy their own Valentines gift this year.

  2. Be Unique
    Instead of only focusing the campaign on couples, try something different. Market towards single adults and everyone who dislikes Valentine's day. You can do this by informing your audience you don’t have to love Valentine's day to want your home smelling sweet and fresh.

  3. Offer Sales
    Offer a special Valentine’s sale to increase customer purchases. Some possible sales can be: “Buy one for you and get mom’s 50% off”, “Purchase all 4 scents and receive 25% off”, etc. Just be sure you are still earning a profit for your candles.

  4. Bulk Discounts
    Encourage your distributors to purchase larger quantities by offering a bulk discount on your candles. For instance, if they purchase 5 cases then the price will drop by 10% per case.

  5. Variety Packs
    Create a variety pack of candles with different fragrances. This will help to encourage your distributors to purchase new candles to stock in their location. This is also a great way to test out new candles to see how popular they will become with the public.

Overall, just remember to have fun with your marketing campaign and be as creative as possible! Whether you are selling to distributors, straight to your customers, or both you can create fun marketing campaigns for any time of the year! Just remember to set measurable goals with a deadline, so at the end of the campaign you can evaluate your success and what should be maintained for future campaigns and what should be changed.
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