Is Free Shipping really Free?

Is Free Shipping really Free?

For years Amazon has built their business on Free Shipping. Now other retailers such as Walmart, Chewy, Ebay, etc have jumped on board and offer Free Shipping from their sites. But, is Free Shipping really free? Do USPS, FedEx or UPS really pay their drivers, put fuel in their vehicles and pay their sorting employees but charge zero dollars in shipping? Of course not. They charge the same rates for "Free Shipping" packages that they do for those where shipping was collected.  The only difference is the price you pay for the merchandise.

EAP Innovations offers "Free Shipping" to the lower 48 states for orders placed on our website. This gives our customers confidence that the total price is the final price. The prices on our website include shipping. This is not a trick or deceptive in any way. It is simply a marketing strategy to help our customers know their landed cost before they put products into their cart. We have found that most of our customers love our free shipping.

EAP Innovations is a leader in supply of candle supplies, including glass, wicks, dyes, etc. We work hard to keep our prices low on everything we sell. 

Thank you for your continued business.

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