Royal Glass Polymaster, Case of 6

Royal Glass Polymaster, Case of 6


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Royal Glass Polymaster, Case of 6

During the entire tasting sequence, this glass delivers continuous and concordant sensations, free of fluctuations or interruptions, proof of the total lack of influence on the part of the glass.

The bioenergetic effect of this glass returns to the wine all its vitality, making its flavour perfectly stable in time. This glass has the peculiarity to give a homogeneous and faithful image of all the wines (red, rosé, white or effervescent).

It reveals the mineral character and tactile sensations that allow the precise identification of the terroir. It allows the taster to make a perfect sensory synthesis and a spontaneous reading of the balance of the wine.


Capacity: 340 ml - 12.7 fl oz

Height: 206 mm-8.11 inch

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